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March 26, 2014

It’s been a productive past few months for the ever-growing Austin food scene while you've continued to wrestle with the ubiquitous question: "Where should we go?" Luckily, there are a handful of new spots to add to your food and drink repertoire that run the gamut from lunch with co-workers to uber-fancy date nights.

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Austin's 10 Hottest Bars

March 19, 2014

An amalgamation of shipping containers, the bar was much delayed for three years but finally opened last week, just in time for SXSW. Owner Bridget Dunlap’s message to fans and “naysayers” about the space? “We did it, motherf#*kers!”

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Rainey Report: Container Bar construction is imminent

May 3, 2013

Bridget Dunlap’s long-awaited Long-awaited Container Bar is set to begin construction soon, according to documents filed with the city.  Dunlap’s fourth Rainey Street venture is a bar/lounge consisting of “stacked” shipping containers.  Plans have been in the works for over two years. 

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By Andrea Grimes

January 15, 2013

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Austin's Container Bar may open in April

By Robert Grattan

January 9, 2013

Austin Business Journal

An adventurous concept for a bar at 90 Rainey St. — built out of refurbished storage containers — has adjusted its opening date back to April or May, continuing a three-year project that has faced multiple setbacks.

The bar originally announced about two years ago is being put together by Bridget Dunlap, who owns Luster Pearl and Bar 96 on Rainey Street as well as Clive Bar and Bar Ilegal on Davis Street nearby. Her new site blends together shipping containers to provide a bar area, courtyard and patio.

Dunlap said she has invested more than $300,000 in the project so far. She declined to comment on the specific causes of the delays or the permitting process.

Last May, Dunlap projected the bar would open in August of 2012. That opening date would have had the bar opening about a year after it was announced.

"That’s been the longest project ever. The money’s been tough, the team quit, the city’s hard, the bank’s hard. Everything’s been hard because it’s never been done before,” Dunlap said at the time. “At this point I’m frustrated, but we’re going to get there.”

Even though the new opening date is in April or May, Dunlap said she still has a little hope the Container Bar will be open in time for South by Southwest in March.

“Everyone is working hard to get these things done, but it's just a slow process,” she said. “I feel like I’ve done it a million times."

Click here to read more about Dunlap, who is often referred to as the Queen of Rainey Street, and read Friday's print issue of the Austin Business Journal for an update on the changing neighborhood.


Groundbreaking: Dunlap's Container Bar on the way

By Adrienne Breaux

July 21, 2011


A small group of supporters and investors gathered across the street from Clive bar to celebrate the start of Container Bar, almost 3 years after the idea was hatched. Owner Bridget Dunlap hopes to start construction by Labor day,  and hopes to celebrate the opening New Years Eve. That'll be a party. Only a few city building permits stand in the way. They hope to have those within a month.

Oh to have been there when they began construction on the Colosseum! Or to have seen the Eiffel Tower erected! There are just some structures you wish you could have seen from the beginning. The newest bar of Bridget Dunlap, owner of Bar 96, Lustre Pearl and Clive in the Rainey Street Historic District, will be a history maker.

The Container Bar will be a first for Austin — several shipping containers, 8' x 8' x 40' will be transformed with new flooring, windows and lots of stylish design elements — and they’ll be stacked and positioned to create a large courtyard in the middle, perfect for laughing over beers and cocktails with friends. Full-service bars, outdoor and indoor seating, eco-friendly LED lighting, a dramatic 30-foot entry, a retractable canopy and a big screen HD video projection system are just a few of the neat things this new Austin hang-out spot will sport.

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Rainey Street bar will be built from shipping containers 

By Lori Hawkins

June 23, 2011

Coming soon: Austin's first bar built from recycled metal shipping containers.

Container Bar, located on Rainey Street on downtown's southeastern edge, will feature 10 containers — each 40 feet long and 10 feet high — stacked on top of each other and arranged around a courtyard.

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